Life Planning for Your Child With Special Needs


One of the most challenging types of life planning is developing a strategy to care for a child with special needs. At Fountainhead Advisors, Marc Rock and Scott Silver have specific and very personal and professional expertise in this area.  They understand that parents of children with special needs require a financial strategy that is completely different from typical planning, and one that is customized to your family’s particular needs.

All parents want the best for their child, and will spend every dollar they have loving and supporting that child for as long as possible. But as parents – especially parents of a child with special needs – you worry that if you spend money today, there won’t be anything left for your child after you’re gone. Marc and Scott can help create a strategy that will enable you to enjoy your retirement, live the life you have envisioned for yourselves AND still have the means to support your child financially when you are no longer able to do so.

A critical step in the planning is to create a Letter of Intent for your child. This document essentially speaks on your child’s behalf, explaining in exhaustive detail who your child is, their abilities, what upsets them and what comforts them, what is required for their ongoing care and more. The letter must be updated every year, and is absolutely crucial to have on record in the event you pass away or for whatever reason are no longer able to care for your child. Add to this mix the complex landscape of navigating grants, government funding and other forms of assistance that may aid in your child’s care. It’s an overwhelming process, but we can help.

Marc and Scott are extremely skilled at pulling all of these diverse elements together, providing expert guidance and a compassionate and calming presence as they help you create a strategy for your child that will allow for adaptability as life’s events unfold.